Who We Are

An investor led platform, for green technology and energy customers seeking to procure finished green goods from African Just Transition Green Industrial Cities, predominantly located in places dependent on mining and highly carbon intensive industries. The initiative will commence with the establishment of a Just Transition Procurement Champions Community (JTPCC) of 500 Multinational corporations (MNCs) and African Large companies, from across commercial and industrial sectors, non-profit organizations, Aid organizations, as well as other buying agencies. operating globally and across the continent.

The Just Transition Investors Alliance (JTIA), is built on an overarching theory of change that institutional investors as universal owners, investee company corporates as customers and MDB’s, regional banks and development finance institutions, as private capital credit enhancers, have a pivotal role to play in positively influencing Africa’s Just Energy Transition and equitable and increased participation in global value chains for ‘finished goods’ and green technologies, and to assist African and global policymakers, to prioritize institutional investor- public partnerships (IIPP’s) to accelerate that process.


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