The Just Transition Investors Alliance (JTIA), will work with the (JTPCC) to deliver the following 5-part programme:

Create a network of buying MNCs, Governments, Aid Organizations and Procurement Agencies, committed to supporting Africa’s Just Energy Transition, SDG10 & 17 and the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA).
Digitalize, support and onboard JTPCC SME suppliers (particularly women and youth), to the AfricaPLC Marketplace.
Design policy recommendations with the (JTPCC) and procurement network, to assist governments, development partners, and policymakers, to make informed strategic policy and programmatic decisions around Just Energy Transition sustainable procurement, digital inclusion and eTrade for women and youth procurement partnership in support of the AfCFTA.
Develop and host country, regional, and global sustainable procurement, and eTrade capacity building training programmes
Sponsor and adopt a African network of just transition green economic zones, city and place-based, public and private climate leaders, to share best practice and the latest trends on investing in the just transition and accessing global value chains, through investing in African green cities and places. The network will bring together mayors, institutional investors, government officials, private sector leaders, urban, inclusion and climate investment and development finance specialists to assist deepen and deliver the JTIA’s goals.

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